In this video, you will learn how to export Power Apps data to Excel thanks to the JSON function which allows us to send Collections, Tables and Gallery data to Power Automate flow. The flow will build the CSV file and send a response back to PowerApps with the exported excel spreadsheet file link. The excel file will be available to download in Power Apps. Best part is the flow is reusable and can be connected to any Power App and can export tabular data.

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Table of Contents:
00:00​ – Intro
01:05​ – Create a Power Apps export to excel button
01:45 – Create a flow to export excel data from Power Apps
04:09 – Call flow from Power Apps and pass JSON data
07:05 – Create CSV Table in flow from Power Apps JSON data
09:39 – Create excel file in OneDrive and get share link to file
13:07 – Respond to PowerApps from flow
17:11 – Test Power Apps button export collection to csv
18:01 – Reuse export button with gallery data
23:36 – Reuse export to excel flow with a different Power App
25:48 – Subscribe

  1. zerocool 2 months ago

    Reza, this is GREAT! Can you kindly provide us with a link for the flow and one power app dummy so we can play with this?

  2. Teresa Agustin 2 months ago

    Awesome video Reza! Thank you so much for sharing this flow and all the filtered variations with us. I can already think of several use cases. I can’t wait to see the pdf version!

  3. Gerard Simpson 2 months ago

    Many thanks Reza – great stuff as ever and exactly what I need for the closing stages of an ongoing build. Looking forward to the PDF aspect in the next video.

  4. Doukari Ali 2 months ago

    Hi Reza,
    thank you so much for this video!
    how did you create de "colDevices" please ?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Jira Nav 2 months ago

    i follow all your steps but found something different then need your help.

    (1) My SP has 1,170 records (as of now), when in step 'Compose', my output look different from you. Is this regular output in this stage? Or perhaps my SP contain data with CHOICE content type?

    {"from":[{"Machine":{"Value":"Common"},"ProductDetails":"Ball Tap valve 1/2 inches SANWA","ProductName":"Ball Tap valve 1/2 inches SANWA","RunningNO":1,"Site":{"Value":"BKK"},"Title":"G0MS01005","iCategory":{"Value":"General"}},{"Machine":{"Value":"Common"},"ProductDetails":"Ball Tap valve 3/4 inches SANWA","ProductName":"Ball Tap valve 3/4 inches SANWA","RunningNO":2,"Site":{"Value":"BKK"},"Title":"G0MS01006","iCategory":{"Value":"General"}},{"Machine":{"Value":"Common"},"ProductDetails":"Lamp Fluorescent 15W, OKINA base-green super brigh OKINA","ProductName":"Lamp Fluorescent 15W, OKINA base-green super brigh OKINA","RunningNO":3,"Site":{"Value":"BKK"},"Title":"G0MS01008","iCategory":{"Value":"Electrical"}},

    (2) In state Create CSV table, my output also same as (1) and found no FORMAT CSV, prior FROM

    please advice, thank you. I like your Youtube all contents, wonderful and helpful

  6. Fiona Cai 2 months ago

    thank you Reza!! You rock!

  7. Ashok Pershad 2 months ago

    Awesome Solution Reza, waiting to see the PDF version with all formatting included…this would be huge timesaver for all…I hope same app can be build in Dataverse for Teams?

  8. shaik zuber 2 months ago

    Thank you for another awesome video. Waiting for pdf Generator video.

  9. UB4000 2 months ago

    Awesome! I really like the way you showed the various possibilities, you covered a lot of ground in this video.

  10. Percy Moyo 2 months ago

    Amazing I have learnt a lot in two days watching these Videos

  11. Echo Rosales 2 months ago

    I've been waiting for this kind of flow for a looooong time.. thanks reza

  12. Alvaro Ortiz 2 months ago

    I don't get compose in PowerAutomate

  13. Maroun Sader 2 months ago

    hi reza, how thisitem is different from thisrecode in this scenario?

  14. jcbagz 2 months ago

    Thanks @rezadorrani! How would you handle a 'Choices' type with multiple values?

  15. Sabir Rehman 2 months ago

    Thanks Reza, you did well. Appreciated

  16. Cristian Lipski 2 months ago

    The best explain about this issue. ThankYou Reza. you have a new follower. Good job!

  17. Niwit Aryal 2 months ago

    Reza, this is awesome. Exactly what I was looking. I am trying it for one of my test invoice app. I am trying to pass the table but it gives me an error. The function "JSON' has some invalid arguments. any tip?

  18. chand72 2 months ago

    excellent video i was looking forward to this.

  19. elance elance 2 months ago

    But about the other way around. Importing from excel

  20. Jamie Dowdall 2 months ago

    Thanks Reza, perfect timing for a project I am working on. Cant wait for the video on how to format the CSV into a presentable PDF. Will this be done in Excel as this could save using premium connectors and Word Templates.

  21. Michael innamorato 2 months ago

    I'm getting a weird error, for the onselect button PowerappsExcelTrigger.Run(JSON(Submissions,JSONFormat.IncludeBinaryData)) I"m getting the error Invalid arguments: Received 1: Expected 2

  22. MrChaix 2 months ago

    Very Powerfull ! Thanks !

  23. Eric Kirkpatrick 2 months ago

    Man, I feel that I owe you a lunch for this. This approach is so much better than the way I was doing this. I'll be able to cut down on controls in my app and make this process 1000% better for my users. Thank you Reza!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Frena Makenson 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this useful tuto
    I’ve been waiting so long for this, i own you a drink… for this one

  25. Could you help to make this model:
    By pressing button in powerapps, it adds new row in existing excel table. So, it is important that we always have one row collection with last data that will be added as new row in excel table…

  26. Sachin Mangalwedhe 2 months ago

    Excellent…much needed…you are the best!!

  27. Madhusudan Kale 2 months ago

    Awesome content! Explained really well Reza!

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