Welcome to Episode 1 where we are joined by the AWESOME Dona Sarkar who talks about Neurodiversity. If you’re not familiar with the term, well neither was Mike until he heard Dona talk about it at MS Ignite London 2020. To say it blew his mind is an understatement, and it presents a really great way of understanding that we are ALL different but we are ALL uniquely amazing and wonderful people.

  1. Olena Grischenko 3 months ago

    Thanks for talking about this, guys, you are awesome!

  2. Michael Roth 3 months ago

    God, this episode speaks to me on so many levels…we're all unique and EVERYBODY brings in something to the party. We need to see beyond things (race, colour, gender, hobbies, whatever). It's a #bettertogether thing and we all can benefit if we open our fu**ing minds,
    Great show! Thank you so much!

  3. LinkeD365 3 months ago

    Well done for such an excellent start. Please keep this up to encourage the whole diverse group of our community

  4. ZePowerDiver 3 months ago

    So nice of Dona to be open like this about what she feels is a vulnerability that she turns in a superpower somehow. Keep up the good work Mike & Alison!

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