1. Gustavo Monne 9 months ago

    Great video, as always the idea of the Audit Trail and the emojis very clever. Thanks

  2. Misha BEZEDE 9 months ago

    Reza, just curious why using Get itemS vs Get item for your Department? How the Select Join (SQL vibes) would be impacted if Get item was used instead?

  3. pradipta nayak 9 months ago

    How do you add Emoji ? just copy paste . .where do get all the emoji.

  4. MKTUBE 9 months ago

    Hi Reza! I'm a big fan. Great video. I have an MS Form where user must enter names of up to 5 people. Then in my Flow I use 'Get user info' to pull the active directory info for each user. But if only 1 name was entered, flow keeps failing on the second name since it says value cannot be null. It doesn't simply skip when null. How can I get around this? Tried using conditions but I'm really stuck on this. Will appreciate your expert input 🙏

  5. Sachin Warudkar 8 months ago

    Hi Reza – I am trying to update a date in sharepoint using expression convertFromUtc(outputs('Create_item')?['body/Created'],'Pacific Standard Time','dd-mm-yyyy) however, even after repeatedly saving and updating the expression the expression reverts back to convertFromUtc(outputs('Create_item')?['body/Created']). Can you help. The date is originally there in a form. I tried to pick up the date from the form but it still gives the same error

  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you Reza for each minute and sec you invest in the preparation of these vidoes and trying your best to make it simple for us to understand and going back and forth to diff tabs just in effort to making it easy for us to understand.

  7. Xander Return 8 months ago

    Hi Reza, what is the column/data type of field Approvers and Approval Text in Departments list ? Awesome videos, btw. Thanks.

  8. Fajar Hidayat 8 months ago

    Hi Reza, i follow ovreall the step but when try the flow error always occur on the get items parts, as I mention the category as "gate 1", the eror mention "The expression "Title eq "Gate1" is not valid. Creating query failed." Has checked the on the list as well it exactly same name ("Gate1) both on the approval list and the form list, any idea why? Great video afterall!

  9. Ramiro Bugari 8 months ago

    BRAVO!!! really good video. one question. If you need to assign an approval action to SH security group . you can read using SH API all the user and get an emails? is there another simple way?

  10. JDooper CloudComputing 8 months ago

    Hi Reza, I have tried your solution with Select & Join, but I only get the last person of the people-column in my variable! What is going wrong?

  11. Teresa Agustin 8 months ago

    Reza, thank you so much for making this helpful video. It is perfect for what I need right now. I really like the Approval Comments audit trail. I'm curious about the Approval Comments column settings. Are these the settings you used? multi-line, append changes to existing text on, enhanced rich text to support the emojis.

  12. Mojo Jojo 8 months ago

    You just have a really great way of teaching so that people just get it. And the little suggestions that show attention to detail are so useful and make it easy for anyone to find a way to make the outputs of their flows so intuitive and user friendly. More power to you 🙂✨

  13. Deepak Bisht 8 months ago

    Good & Easily understandable

  14. Santosh Kumar 8 months ago

    Reza can we get the intermediate approver comments when an approval activity is waiting for everyone to respond. basically i have 2 approvers and one approver has already acted on it and want to know which approver has acted

  15. Ryan 8 months ago

    Hi Reza, I am triggering an infinite loop by updating the record. Do I need to create another condition to stop it from looping?

  16. Henik Baldaniya 8 months ago

    Again Very well explained. I liked the 'Approver comment' concept which is helpful to understand to an end user in real case business scenario. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Henik Baldaniya 8 months ago

    My flow has 6 stages (Change Submitted -> Review -> Trial Phase1,2,3,4 -> Trial successful -> Change Approved). And if my duration of change flow (from start to end of flow) is greater than 28 days, will there be any impact to my flow (like it may not run etc.)?

  18. Todd Johnson 7 months ago

    Just completed my multiple approvals. Works great. Thank you!

  19. Hazel T Chikara 7 months ago

    Wow, that is very comprehensive, thank you!

  20. Hazel T Chikara 7 months ago

    Hi Reza advise, the Title in the "Get Department" action, what is it referring to, is it the column name Category under the Approval List? I am getting an error there.

  21. Michael Donohue 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! It was so helpful,. I have watched your expressions 101 and 201 and still learning, Thank you for providing examples of the tools and a way to understand them. Having a hard time converting UTC time but working on what i may have done incorrectly. Thanks!

  22. Maroun Sader 7 months ago

    hi im trying to use the same approach, to log when item if modified, but its bot adding a new line in the multiselect column, its over writing the old line, can you help me here?

  23. Darsh Antani 6 months ago

    @reza dorrani, when I select "wait for all responses", I am getting only the first approver comments history not all users.

    Checking the issue, may be I need to store all responses and get them, i guess

  24. Satryo anugerah Wibowo 6 months ago

    Hi Reza, Can I start the trigger from ms.from –> sharepoint –> then using dynamic approval?

  25. Sagar raval 6 months ago

    Hi Reza, how to send reminder to send only to the people who are not approved. In my case i have multiple approves and each approval decision to be taken and then only Send reminder to the people who have not approved it

  26. Jose MAG 6 months ago

    Thank you, definitely your videos save a lot of time! I am working on my version of these ideas and have a doubt: In a two parallel approval process flow in TEAMS, if one branch reject the document, left some comments or suggestions in the document assessed. Once rejected, I would like to edit the document that triggered the flow when it was moved into Files tab in TEAMS. When edition is completed in TEAMS, how can I restart the approval flow but only with the person/branch, that initially rejected it? Thank you for your ideas! Greetings from Argentina!

  27. Matt Zelnik 6 months ago

    I'm using this to get approvers for my flow. however, I seem to be getting an approval notification for each member in the Approvers collection. 2 approvers brings 2 notifications, 3 approvers brings 3 notifications. How can I stop this?

  28. Calvin Munisi 6 months ago

    Hi Reza.. Thanks you for this great Video. How did you make the "Approval Comments" field hidden when a new item is created/ when a new entry is added?

  29. Umar Salama 6 months ago

    Great Tutorial, how did you add the emoji !!

  30. Hafis Rosmaman 6 months ago

    How do i maintain multiple approver comments on log history. Anyway, thanks for the video

  31. alzaimoor79 6 months ago

    Great video, simple and very clear explain, how do you use emoji? What’s keys to input emoji?

  32. Soumya B 6 months ago

    Hi, Thanks for the video, I have a question is it possible to run flow, for eg : Stop sharing or grant access using owners account . I mean Flow run by members but use Owners account because otherwise they might not have permission to alter the list

  33. Upendra Rayapati 5 months ago

    Great Video, It was very helpful.
    I have a scenario for multi level approval flow (3 levels) Please help me on this.
    The scenario is, in a company there are 6 different departments like
    1). Civil
    With different manager for each Department. The finance & Purchase Departments are common for the Other 4 Departments. If any User from First Four Departments raises a Purchase Request for any item, First it need get approval from the Manager of the Concerned Department from Which the request comes from.
    Then the Approval goes to the next level to Purchase Department manager and after getting approved from the purchase manger it goes to the finance manager where the final Approval will happen.
    How to get the Approvers Email Dynamically from the Sharepoint List for each Level of approval.

    Please help me with this

  34. Thought Diffusion 5 months ago

    SInce long I was just thinking to develope this in my project, we had no clue of it and we kept this kind of things to be in the last bucket. Now this video has really helpful to me and we have develope the big componet on your idea. You are awsome. I am thankful to you and looking for such good videos on power apps which are not avaiable or people seeking for it.

  35. scarletkurenei 5 months ago

    Hi. For parallel approval where all must approve. Is there a way to update the status of each approver as they approve or do we have to wait for all approvers to complete before we can update item?

  36. GIO200011 5 months ago

    Thanks for the awesome video. I was doing an approval flow and I was using a hard text email in an excel table, so this is far better way. A question, how do you show the people's photo? I found that in the modern view you can't have it and you need to switch to the classic version. I think you are using the modern view, so how do you do it?

  37. Afonso Biliatto 5 months ago

    Amazing! As always! Thanks

  38. king lion 5 months ago

    Reza i have a question or you can say a requirement. I want the user to enter or select a value from the drop down list while approving. i.e. the user will be asked to choose price from the list of prices while approving. How can i achieve this please help.

  39. Andrew Smalley 5 months ago

    Thank you so much Reza, this video is just what I needed to implement an approval process in my app. Love the cookbook series!

  40. Top-Assistante 4 months ago

    I have been searching for such a video for several months ! Thank you so much.
    My flow is a little bit different. My trigger is a manual and I'd like everyone to approve. I'd also like to keep trace of all approvals and comments. Is that possible? Does one of your flow explain that point? Thanks in advance for you help and thank you so much for all your explanations..

  41. Stefano Beninati 4 months ago

    Thanks Reza very useful video! Can you share how to show in the same Approvers column both the user profile picture and the name? Thx

  42. Sanad Sulaiman 4 months ago

    Amazing video as always 🙂 Is there any tutorial for creating the Sharepoint list as you have created, as I am new to the Sharepoint ?

  43. Sri Ram 4 months ago

    Thanks so much Reza❤️

    I'm requesting you to clear my doubts, I have 4 different approvals in single flow were all 4 has dynamic multiple approvars taken from SP. I have intialized variable and used append to array variable and joined it with ; . But here the challenge is flow runs for first time with out any issue and on second run, append to variable is taking different values. can you please assist me on this ?

  44. Fernanda Wolter 4 months ago

    I have set up the flow in order to pull the e-mail of the person as you explianed, btu I get an error:

    The 'from' property value in the 'select' action inputs is of type 'Object'. The value must be an array.

    How can I fix this?

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