Whats up friends!

This week we are doing a Common Data Service Introduction! aka CDS 101!

I am joined by Sarah Critchley aka DynamicCrmCat as she takes us through this introductory material to begin your journey with structured data!

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– Jon

  1. Aakash Morya 2 years ago

    Is there any place where I can find the schedule of the Premiere in advance? That would help me in advance.

  2. Andrew Jameson 2 years ago

    @DynamicCrmCat that was a good start I heard you mention non-profit sector could you explain this more in a future video please.

  3. Andrea Miglietta 2 years ago

    Interesting…. but your guest should speak much more clear and slower, please! Not all the world speak English

  4. dhawallseth 2 years ago

    Thank you for arranging such session @Jon Levesque. Thank you @DynamicCRMCat. I wanted to ask the question which you actually answered in the end…. Plan 2 license.

  5. Babajide Bantale 2 years ago

    A good jumpstart on CDS for me. Can't wait for the next session Good work @DynamicCrmCat and Jon

  6. Robert Merritt 2 years ago

    Please bring Sara aback for more CDS! Awesome! Thanks!

  7. Mario Velasquez 2 years ago


    Is it there a fast way to daily delete all records on an entity and then load new ones? I am talking about more or less 14.000 records every day. I have tried to do it with flow but I was wondering if there is a better way.

    Thank you!

  8. jesse miller 2 years ago

    really enjoyed this. were camera angles and desktop-share switched automatically, perhaps in teams, or is there a person at the controls switching sources ?

  9. gideon17you 1 year ago

    This is an amazing video on CDS. Thank you!

  10. mrmanualways 1 year ago


  11. george kamau 1 year ago

    Great work Jon and Sara

  12. Stafford Austin 10 months ago

    Context missing at the start of this video. I came here having no idea what CDS is. This is not a 101 due to being very heavy very quickly.

  13. Bob Falla 9 months ago

    Hello guys and thanks for the video. Being new to power apps and CDS, I'm confused between the differences of CDS and SQL and which I should use and why?

  14. Mustajab Saleem 8 months ago

    Great Session. Thanks for arranging it Jon. 🙂

  15. Lauren Meier 6 months ago

    More CDS please!!!

  16. Nasar Azam 4 months ago

    How does the Licensing works? For example, if I create a canvas app that connects to CDS and the App is used by 100 users, do we need to pay for 100 licenses. How do I monitor storage used etc?
    I am just learning PowerApps and I will be building a Simple Canvas App to be used in Production. I was planning to use Azure SQL as the back-end. With my SQL Admin background, Azure SQL management and Admin comes natural to me. However, CDS is looks so much cooler, especially when it comes to pulling Data from different sources and integrating all in one central location in CDS. Also, Any help in pointing to where I could find resources on how to Export Data from CDS to Azure SQL and Google BigQuery will be great help – Thanks

  17. Nasar Azam 4 months ago

    Can you customize the forms generated in Model Driven Apps, or do we have to just live with it. The User interface in Model Driven Apps does not look as good as Custom Canvas Apps

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