UI flows provides Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to Power Automate

You can use UI flows to automate repetitive tasks in Windows and Web applications

UI flows records and plays back user interface actions (clicks, keyboard input, etc.) for applications that don’t have easy-to-use or complete APIs available

In this demo we will build a UI flow to pass data from the Common Data Service (CDS) to a Legacy Application

Please note this feature is in preview and should not be used in production scenarios until it becomes Generally Available (GA)

Read the Prerequisites and Limitations here:

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  1. Benoit Patigny 1 year ago

    Thank you Reza, it's very useful video

  2. Desert Feather 1 year ago

    Thank you, Reza! That's great! I see there are a lot of potentials for this UI Flow.

  3. Prakash 1 year ago

    Thank you Reza! This is really a powerful feature.

  4. Matt Harding 1 year ago

    Great demo, I learned a great deal, such a cool application

  5. mohd shoaib 1 year ago

    how can i productionize these flows in case of desktop flows as my legacy app ill b only on my system n not on production servers

  6. Prakash 1 year ago

    Thanks again! I have got a similar one. Is there anyway we can make the desktop ui flow faster? I want to make the key strokes faster. Currently iam trying to use the desktop ui flow on power virtual agent and it is timing out.

  7. Sagar Ram 1 year ago

    Hii Rezza, Instead if "Registration information has been recorded" consider there is a number value which used to change dinamically for every run. In that case how to capture a value and store it in a variable. In the sense how to capture a dynamic value should I make any changes in the selector?

  8. Mark Gillani 1 year ago

    Great presentation! Thank you so much.

  9. Francesco Zitelli 1 year ago

    Really interesting demo! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Ant 89 11 months ago

    Reza great work! Can this be used to automate opportunity creations in salesforce?

  11. Jody de Bruyn 11 months ago

    Good day Reza. This if for sure a great video. I worked through your video and replicated all the steps. First I did the UI Flow, and then did the normal Flow which then uses the UI Flow that was created. For the normal flow I read data from an excel table from my one Drive for Business, and then start with the Apply to Each section. At your video time of 12:13, I see you get a dropdown to access the UI Flows you created. I don't get that – On my build it prompts me to select a Gateway. Have I missed something here – What have I done wrong ?

  12. Alfred Nisay 9 months ago

    Amazing 👌👌

  13. Gabriel Kanazawa 9 months ago

    Hi reza, can i do another task when this flow is running? if not, how can use the computer at the same time when the flow are running? Thank you, your's video are helping me a lot

  14. Brénainn Mac Thomáis 8 months ago

    Great demo! I hate that it uses numeric delays! They should be conditional—wait for element to appear or webpage to load. That would work better and make this software even more competitive!

  15. Sushma Ediga 8 months ago

    Hi Reza.. Thanks for this clear explanation.. In my case,I tried recording of App in powerapps(app developed in canvas itself) and trying to automate tests with dynamic values.. so when I create instant flow,how can I feed the data from entities and run the script . ( here, you ve chosen option option as Run a UI flow desktop version)

  16. Vikram Reddy 7 months ago

    That's awesome feature and a nice demo. Need to see how can use in real time scenarios

  17. vikram singh 6 months ago

    Hi Reza, can we change multiple words in pdf with loop and replace.

  18. Shivanand Akki 5 months ago

    Can Power automate replace Automation Anywhere???

  19. Warwick 2 months ago

    Nice on Reza, would like to see a move advanced senario

  20. Melwyn Rodrigues 2 months ago

    Nice demo Reza! Thank you!

  21. BrotherCole 94 2 months ago

    Could you do this same process with excel? I.e. set up a flow that would copy data from one excel file to another?

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