In this video, I show how you can create an Amazon Alexa Skill that calls a Microsoft Flow HTTP Endpoint to post a message to a Microsoft Teams Channel. This method lets you take your existing Flow skills and create an Alexa skill with ZERO code! The Flow does all of the work and you just point your Alexa Skill to the Flow.

I did a video with Jon Levesque on his YouTube channel a week or so ago where I show how to get started using Alexa with Flow. In that video I show some of the basics of Alexa Skills and demo a simple use case where Alexa returns back a list of your Planner tasks. If you missed that video here’s a link:

In this video, I expand on that to show how you can pass a parameter from Alexa to Flow so that you can tell Alexa what message you want to post to Teams. I’ve created a corresponding blog post which has step by step directions and the JSON code needed for the Response which you can find on my blog

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