Invoice Management Solution using AI Builder, Microsoft Flow and SharePoint

  1. Ricardo Chavez 2 years ago

    I am not able to find the "File Path" attribute in the Dynamic content, can you please help me

  2. jeremie coste 2 years ago

    Great demo !

  3. Nayer EL-BIALLY 2 years ago

    Here is my case: every month i get 100+ invoices, i want to extract certain information from each invoice and to be extracted and shown in a table so at the end i can have a combined report of all the invoices with only the information i need. and all i want to do is just upload more invoices to Sharepoint and i will possible exceed 1000+ invoices after several months. is this possible ? also can sharepoint and powerapps have enough capabilities for that amount of data? please your reply is appreciated its important for accountants in a multi billion dollar company.

  4. Nayer EL-BIALLY 1 year ago

    08:43 how did you create an item parent?

  5. Ricardo Santos 1 year ago

    Awesome! Thank you.

  6. Nayer EL-BIALLY 1 year ago

    14:27 when i save the flow i receive the following error:
    Your flow was updated, but it is currently suspended since it uses a combination of connectors that conflict with the company data loss prevention policies or billing restrictions. HELP ?!! : )

  7. Iheb CHAFAI 1 year ago

    Thank you, very helpful.
    But the problem is when i have many model of invoice ? Because each supplier has his own invoice's model

  8. John G 1 year ago

    Thanks in a million Reza!

  9. Wah Peck Tan 1 year ago

    Very helpful! Thanks

  10. João Fraga 1 year ago

    Your video is fantastic Reza. One of the greatest that I´ve ever seen regarding MS Power Automate. Very well done aplication. Unfortunately there is no AI Builder for my region yet. : (

  11. ajinkya sawant 1 year ago

    Amaing video. The only thing I cannot see path file in Get file metadata using path.

  12. Birthday Chanel 1 year ago

    Thanks Reza for your great video. I tried to read the invoice from an email attachment but I received an error, predict cannot read from email attachment. I think something is missing.

  13. Shruti Tandon 1 year ago

    Thank you so much. You are genious ✌️🙏

  14. Shruti Tandon 1 year ago

    What is the type for column InvoiceItemLink in Invoice library?

  15. Vidana Weer 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for your video, really helpful. Much appreciate 🙂

  16. Jana Malá 1 year ago

    Hello Reza, thank you a lot for sharing your knowledge. I'd love to ask you two questions – is there a way how to select a field in my invoice that is not selected (offered) by the model? I've already uploaded 20 invoices that are all the same just for different months. I need to select invoice number but this field is never offered by the model. Another q: scenario: I have two different invoices from 2 different customers – I need to use Object detection model to recognize the logo -> then use flow to send it to an appropriate Form pocessing model -> then use flow to send it to different folders in Share Point according to the customer (logo). Is this possible? I cannot find a way. Thank you in advance, your help is much appreciated!

  17. Vincent 1 year ago

    This is a very comprehensive end to end example of AI Builder, SharePoint as a platform and Flow. Thank you for your efforts in creating this, encourages me to pay it forward with my competency.

  18. How do you you make it so that it knows which model to use if you have only one flow but multiple vendors? What is the right way of creating this?

  19. Venkatesh Yadav 1 year ago

    Great Demo. If I want to write the output into excel file instead of sharepoint list, is that possible.

  20. syed adil basha 1 year ago

    Hi Reza,

    1. How to access o365workarea.sharepoint site ? It's it a licensed one? I sit in South Asia, I am unable to access it.

    2. I have 200+ invoice formats, I will create 200 different models as suggested in one of the below comments. Can I incorporate all these models in ONE microsoft flow ?

  21. ína helgadóttir 1 year ago

    Well Done Reza!

    I have one question regarding the flow you create… when I use the prediction for my model I do not get the request payload, I need to fill in the document type and document and I can see that it depends on the model I choose I get different fill ins. So I am wondering if you know how to fix it?

  22. Jaya kumar 1 year ago

    Thank you for the clear demo, could please assist how does the AI Builder identifies the different supplier invoice if there is random invoice flow. I saw comments that to create separate models by each supplier but question is how to connect multiple models.

  23. vinay kumar 1 year ago

    Hi Reza, I m new to power platform, I get parsed output directly without using the parsed json function, can you tell me how to proceed to next setp ?

  24. rahul sinha 1 year ago

    Thanks Reza, its really helpful. Can you please let me know if I have 100 different invoices with different format in each, so do I need to have 100 models created for it? Just a query not sure 🙂
    and also each PDF might be having more than 3-4 tables, will it be possible to identify the one which is required, I mean which is having the itemized data.

  25. Thurstan Plummer 10 months ago

    Very impressive code and tutorial for automating a typical process. thx

  26. Bansari Pandya 10 months ago

    Explain very clearly. I have one question. In my model the AI builder automatically fetch the table but when I list the data in excel sheet the table couldn't display one field in between. otherwise it good to behave with other fields. and yes as I work with invoice if i fetch table manually i able to fetch only one item.. so if u give a solution for those invoice format in which we have nested tables or complex table it helps a lot! Is there any looping options to fetch all the item in the table when in the case the model couldn't fetch it automatically.

  27. Uri Kozmi 8 months ago

    what if i dont know what document its gonna send to me ? is there a way to automate using prediction which model use ?

  28. Rajendra Prasad Katta 6 months ago

    Thanks Reza, this is excellent, what I am looking for..!

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